We, the Polo Garments company, have been the leaders in Uniform manufacturers in Dubai for the past 5 years, providing exceptionally high quality products.



" Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is Forever "

Ralph Lauren

Why POLO Garments?

  • We are one of the leading Uniform Manufacturing Companies in Dubai (UAE).
  • Our family of Experienced, Certified & Trained personnel to cater to all your needs.
  • You can ask our growing list of Satisfied Customers.
  • We believe in ‘In-House Production’ to guarantee quality.
  • We can handle both Low Quantity Orders, as well as Bulk Orders.
  • We offer Guaranteed On-Time Delivery.
  • We offer Rock Bottom Prices.
  • We offer High Quality Satisfaction without any compromises.


With Polo, you can rest assured that no matter what industry you're in or what special requirements your business may have, we have the expertise to provide you with the customized image apparel your company deserves, and your employees appreciate.

We provide a wide range of services for our products:

Corporate Branding

We provide services for corporate companies to have their Company Brand to be printed on our products and our services include:

Suits • Shirts • Ties • Pants • Skirts • Scarfs • Blouses • Jackets

Customized Design

We provide customized designs for student uniforms for all classes, right from Nurseries & Kindergartens to Schools and Universities. Our customization services include:

Shirts • Pants • T-Shirts • Shorts • Fancy Dresses • Costumes • Sport uniforms • Teacher coats • Graduation Gowns

Hotel Services

We also provide our services for Restaurants and Hotels based on their requirements and identity. We provide uniforms for the following departments:

F & B • Front Desk • Chefs • House Keeping • Maintenance • Security • Spas • Salons


We also provide our services to construction companies and other Industries based on their requirements and identity. Our Services include:

Coveralls • Overalls • Safety Shoes • Helmets • Safety Vests

Medical Field

We also provide our services to Pharmacies, Clinics, Laboratories and Hospitals, based on their requirements and identity. Our Services include:

Lab Coats • Doctor Coats • Scrubs • Nurse Uniforms

Fabrics & Textile

We also provide services for the procurement of fabrics and textile as per the customer’s requirements and design specifications. Our services include:

Bed Sheets • Duvets • Towels • Bath mats • Curtains • Throws